Jeddah floods: Pictures of Saudi Arabia’s second largest city submerged after heavy rain

On Thursday, Jeddah and its surrounding areas experienced heavy rain and flooding accompanied by thunder and lightning
This torrential rain hit the city for almost six hours, which brought life to a standstill
It is reported that two people have died, and many people who got into submerged vehicles were rescued later
The city experienced over 179mm of rain, which was recorded in Jeddah
Many cars broke down as a result of the flooded roadways in Jeddah’s residential areas
Due to flooding, schools and universities are closed in Jeddah. Power cuts have also been reported.
Many flights also got delayed due to the unfavourable weather announced by King Abdulaziz International Airport
The Makkah-Jeddah Expressway was shut down, and even the Emirate of Makkah Region made the announcement
The devastating flooding that struck Jeddah on November 25, 2009 was painfully recalled by yesterday’s torrential rain and flooding
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