India pips Saudi Arabia, China as top country for students in Kent State University, Ohio


India pips Saudi Arabia, China as top country for students in Kent State University, Ohio

The majority of American colleges today have the highest proportion of Indian students enrolled, and Kent State University (KSU), Ohio, USA, has the same proportion of international students enrolling as undergraduate and graduate students. There are two factors contributing to this growth.

The majority of foreign students in the US have historically come from Saudi Arabia and China. The number of Chinese students coming to the US has decreased as a result of the pandemic and the political conflict between the US and China. There has been a decline in the number of students from Saudi Arabia as a result of the country’s severe reduction of its scholarship programmes.

“Out of the 1650 international students, 470 are from India. Which means 1/4th of the international students are from India. Between fall of 2022 and Spring of 2023 we will be receiving 300 students from India,’’ said Marcello Fantoni, vice president, Global Education at KSU.

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Encouraged by the positive feedback KSU has received from India since opening an office there, they intend to create two more locations: one in Mumbai and one in Hyderabad. The majority of the upsurge of Indian students comes from South India.

“India is important for us as students from here are willing learners. They have a strong academic and cultural background which adds value to their ability to grasp. India today represents so much of the world,” says Dr Melody Tankersly, Provost and Senior Vice President of KSU.

Dr. Melody also instructs pupils who have emotional and behavioural problems. These days, dealing with mental health difficulties is a huge challenge, and resolving their worries will go a long way toward helping them develop into mature people.

“Social media is increasing anxiety and depression amongst the youth who tend to believe whatever they read on it. Spending too much time on the phone and scanning through what others put on their timelines is creating a challenge. But the good part is that most of the students are acknowledging it and willing to change it,” Dr Melody adds.

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To further broaden its base, KSU is considering collaborating with Indian universities and schools. Programs for professor and student exchange have been around for a while. The campus with the highest level of internationalisation in the US is KSU. They focus on the world in their classes.

“Kent State’s global reach has been expansive, with educational centers in Florence, Italy, and Curitiba, Brazil, along with boasting more than 200 education-abroad programs,” says Jyotsna Misra, Head of India operations. Interestingly, despite the pandemic, the inflow of Indian students to KSU continued as earlier.

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