In Bad Taste? Paresh Rawal Apologises for ‘Cook Fish for Bengalis’ Comment During Gujarat Campaign Speech


Actor Paresh Rawal, who came under fire this week while campaigning for the BJP in Gujarat for his “cooking fish for Bengalis” comment, took to Twitter to apologise for his comment.

The actor, while campaigning in Valsad, Gujarat on Tuesday had said that inflation prices could be bought down but what about “Rohingya migrants and Bangladeshis” living next door.

“Gas cylinders are expensive, but their price will come down. People will get employment too. But what will happen if Rohingya migrants and Bangladeshis start living around you, like in Delhi? What will you do with gas cylinders? Cook fish for the Bengalis?”

Rawal’s comment was met with massive backlash after a clip of his speech went viral on Twitter with many terming it “xenophobic” and others asking why the stereotype of Bengalis eating fish was needed.

Issuing an apology, Rawal on Friday wrote on Twitter, “Of course the fish is not the issue as Gujaratis do cook and eat fish. But let me clarify by Bengali I meant illegal Bangladeshi N Rohingya. But still if I have hurt your feelings and sentiments I do apologise.”

Rawal’s comments drew flak from TMC leaders as well. MP Mahua Moitra on Twitter wrote, “Actually Kemchho Slapstickman need not have apologised.

The 2nd part of Cook Fish like Bengalis is “Have Brains like Bengalis”

“Most nobel laureates than any other Indian state, buddy boy….” she added.

Meanwhile, AITC spokesperson Saket Gokhale said, “Bengalis don’t need you to “cook fish” for them. Remember you too have made your career in Maharashtra where we lovingly fed you dhokla & fafda.”

Stating that this was a violation of the code of conduct, Gokhale also tagged the election commission in his tweet demanding action and said, “We’ve seen how you’ve continued to give a free hand to BJP & exempted them from all electoral rules. But we will not tolerate insult of Bengal & Bengalis…We need action now!”

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