‘If we don’t believe our film is big, who else will?’


The much-awaited trailer of the Kichcha Sudeepa, Jacqueline Fernandez-starrer Vikrant Rona, was officially launched at a grand event in Mumbai on June 23. The film will release in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam on July 28.

Talking about releasing the film in five languages, Kichcha says, “If you are going to a five-star restaurant, you need such a platter. If we don’t respect our own film and believe that it is big, who else will? This is a big film because we had a big idea and that’s exactly how we want to present it. We just want to tell a story that we’re working upon. We’re very happy with the outcome. There are a lot of beautiful minds and creative people, and when we collaborate, this is what comes out.”

Jacqueline, who is all set to make her Sandalwood debut, says, “After all the work that I’ve done over all these years, when I walked to the Vikrant Rona sets in 2021, it was really magnanimous. It was very surreal. The set was grand and perfect. Everything was like a celebration. We were all really having a really good time. Kudos to the entire team for putting everything all together. Also, for me, it was a great way to enter the Kannada film industry.”

Jacqueline’s song Ra Ra Rakkamma has already created a buzz on social media. “The song is big, and there was so much to do and a lot of hard work to put into it. But still, people were smiling and having fun. The steps were crazy, and we rehearsed for nearly 15 days. The song has a completely different energy, and we’re already getting such great reviews,” she gushes.

Salman Khan’s SKF will present the Hindi version of Vikrant Rona. “I believe that my relationship with Salman is nothing about giving and taking promises. Dabangg was my gesture towards his film, and this is his gesture towards my film. SK Films is very close to his heart, so I don’t think he will associate with our film unless and until he’s confident about the content. He saw the clippings and threw up on the idea and said, ‘Is there anything I can do?’ I smiled, and I said, ‘Of course.’ He came in as a presenter, and today, he is taking a lot of initiatives. I think that’s the bonding we have,” Kichcha explains.

On being quizzed by a journalist if he is hoping for a Rs 1000 crore box office number, the actor says, “If Rs 1000 crore makes a person happy, maybe I will do Rs 2000 crore. And if success makes one happy, then you posing this question has already made me a successful man.”

Director Anup Bhandari talks about presenting the film in 3D. “When we decided to make a 3D film, I was asked a question that would 3D work for this film, and my instant answer was yes because of the way the film was shot. There were a lot of parallax and camera movements. Luckily for us, we had a good VFX team and a good 3D team. We worked day in and day out and continued to put in the effort every day to give you that experience,” he concludes.

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