‘I feel, I belong to the city,’ says Akshay


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The city is famous for its delicious tasting food and it has always grabbed the attention of many Bollywood celebrities. Akshay Kumar is no exception when it comes to the attractive and delicious food of the city.

Akshay Kumar along with Anand Rai, Sadia Khateeb, Sahejmeen Kaur, Smrithi Srikanth, and Deepika Khanna visited the city on Friday to promote his upcoming film Raksha Bandhan and loved the welcoming gesture of the city.

He said, “Indore is a vibrant city. It has a different sense of belonging. Coming to Indore, I never felt that I have come to an unknown city. The same thing makes it different from all other cities. The delicious cuisines here cannot be compared with food from anywhere else, and of course, I have tried a lot of different cuisines in Indore.”

Anand Rai, the director, said, “I always look for an attitude in an actor which is to absorb the character and can portray the emotions intensely. One thing as a director which is important to me is the nature of the cast and people in the script. To be an actor one needs to understand the intensity and emotions.”

Akshay Kumar said that to be an actor it is our responsibility to understand the importance of emotion that we need to display. He said, “Over the years as an actor it has been my major concern that whichever role I get to portray should be refined by me to its core so that my audience love and appreciate the art.”

Chappan is a destination for the food lovers in the city

The actors visited the Chappan Dukan in the late afternoon hours to taste the food of Indore. Akshay Kumar who already is a big fan of Indore cuisine bought ample food items to carry along with him to his home.

Pranks are always a mandatory part of Akshay’s shooting routine

It is very well known that Akshay Kumar loves to prank his co-stars on set and has always been the one goofing around. Smrithi Srikanth informed the media that Akshay Kumar was always punctual and hardworking but on the last day of the shooting he pulled a prank on two of his co-stars by accidentally spilling milk over their faces that made everyone burst out in laughter.

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