GHMC to transform power transformers


HYDERABAD: Power transformers and dangling electric wires on city streets are not only dangerous to pedestrians, but also an eyesore. If the GHMC’s plans come to fruition, thousands of power transformers could soon be given an elegant makeover while also earning the civic body some extra ‘moolah’ in the form of advertising revenue.

The GHMC has decided to raise the height of at least 50,000 power transformers by seven to 15 feet to make pavements pedestrian friendly.

The GHMC has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for the development of the surroundings around the electrical transformers, which will include ad space in strategic locations. The project will be carried out through a public-private partnership (PPP). The shortlisted private agency would erect the structures on the sidewalks.

According to sources, the civic body held several meetings to address the issue of power transformers impeding pedestrian movement.  A senior GHMC official who requested anonymity told Deccan Chronicle that approximately 30 per cent of the 68,000 electrical transformers were impeding pedestrian movement and had also become garbage dumping and urinating sites.

However, civic officials had identified 50,000 power transformers on pavements that were impeding pedestrian flow. Officials have already met with the TS Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDCL) to discuss shifting utilities for the proposed project. According to a GHMC official, the shortlisted agency would carry out the job for GHMC, and the firm would earn revenue from the advertisements placed on the transformers. According to the official, the corporation will first raise the height of 6,000 transformers that are erected on stone structures on major roads, and then the height of the remaining transformers will be increased.

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