First batch of Devgad Alphonso mangoes arrives in Vashi APMC, to be sold next week


The first batch of Devgad Alphonso mangoes arrived at the APMC Vashi on Saturday. A progressive trader from Vijay Durg in Devgad Tehsil brought in four boxes of mangoes. According to traders, this year the arrival of Alphonso from Devgad was delayed by two to three weeks due to erratic weather.

The unseasonal rainfall in November and December and cold wave in January affected the seasonal fruit and as per the traders, it will impact the overall supply by 25%.

Niyaz Kazi, a trader from Vijay Durg brought in the four boxes of Devgad Alphonso mangoes. “Due to unseasonal rainfall the growth of mangoes in Devgad Alphonso is not normal, and now it requires a great care,” said Kazi. He is a third-generation trader of Alphonso mango as his grand-father Karim Gafar Kazi had started the farming.

Chandrakant Dhole, the trader who received the first batch of Devgad Alphonso said that the farmer had to use the latest technology to preserve the mangoes due to sudden change in weather. “We received four boxes of Alphonso mangoes and as per the tradition, we first offered puja,” said Dhole. He added that all mangoes have been kept in godown to ripe.

Normally, the first batch mangoes are sold immediately because of its taste, sweetness and aroma. However, this year, trader will keep the mangoes till they ripe and see the impact of unseasonal rainfall. “After a week, we will see the condition of the mangoes and put on sell,” said Dhole. He added that availability of Devgad Alphonso is limited for only six to eight weeks and that’s why it has a great demand.

According to traders, the demand of Devgad Alphonso is very high and at the beginning of the season, it commands around Rs 3000 per dozen. However, with good supply, the price drops. “People wait whole year for Devgad mango and the first few batches of mango are sold immediately,” said Dhole.

Meanwhile, Sanjaykumar Maruti Patil, a farmer from Alibaug brought in six boxes of Alphonso mangoes on Saturday. Traders say that people always eat Devgad Alphonso, they can also try Alphonso from Alibaug.

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Published on: Saturday, January 29, 2022, 06:33 PM IST

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