Discussion on empowering educators for new age careers


The discussion was moderated by Puja Sethi, Group Editor, India Dot Com.

To attract the brightest minds towards teaching as a career, the efforts of teachers must be recognized, three eminent panelists said at the EduFuture Excellence Award. They were speaking on the topic ‘Empowering Educators for New Age Careers’. The discussion was moderated by Puja Sethi, Group Editor, India Dot Com. 

Lt Col Kailash Bansal, Director AICTE, Skill Development, said if he could go back in time he would choose teaching as a career.

“If I can go back 20 years, I will choose teaching as my career option. Why can’t teaching be one of the best career options? I introspect now. At AICTE we upskill teachers. Another thing we can do is that we recognise the efforts that goes into teaching. At AICTE, we have instituted awards in various categories. We try to recognise the individual contribution of the teachers. A small pat in the back goes miles. We also have various schemes on faculty development,” he said.

Asked about the roles teachers can play the ever-evolving career space, Sharad Vivek Sagar, CEO, Dexterity Global, said the way schools functions would have to be changed.

“In our education system the child becomes very school focused, school driven. We should be able to run schools that are participant driven, driven by students themselves, their ideas, their innovation, their ambitions. So it is important that we derive our core strengths from our students,” he said.

On teaching as a career option, he elaborated,” There are two ways we are learning today. On one hand there are 100-minute long teachable moments. And on the other hand, there are hundreds of teachable moments in a day. If we are able to differentiate between that, and if we are able to empower everybody to see the teaching others are doing, from sportsperson to a poet to an artiste, that love for teaching, that love for mentoring has to be culminated. That will empower a lot of people to see themselves as teachers.”

Are institutes of highest education only focusing on getting students hefty salary packages? Rohit Anand, Head HR, Fortis Hospitals, shared his thoughts on the topic.

“You need to be preparing students for a purpose. Students well align themselves with what you are training them to be. When I visit campuses to hire people, I ask three questions. If a person is non-violent in approach. How much aggression is he bringing to the table and how much of a depth of understanding the person has of the nuances of the challenge. Last thing is the respect he has for the ecosystem he has come from and embracing the ethos of the ecosystem,” he said.

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