Collision of India-bound planes averted in Dubai, DGCA asks UAE for probe report


A near collision of two India-bound Emirates passenger jets at the Dubai airport was averted on January 9. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the regulatory body of Civil Aviation has now asked UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to share its investigation report on this incident.

The passenger jets had come on the same runway during take-off from the Dubai airport. The Dubai-Hyderabad flight (EK-524) was scheduled for take-off at 9:45 pm, while the Dubai-Bengaluru flight (EK-568) was also scheduled for take-off on the same runway.

The EK-524 was accelerating to take off just when EK-568 came on the same runway, they noted. On time, the matter was noticed and EK-524’s take off was rejected by the air traffic controller, the sources mentioned. As per the schedule of the Emirates flight, there is a five-minute gap between the two take-offs. 

Speaking with F10 News, an Emirates Air spokesperson confirmed about the incident. The spokesperson added that the air traffic control saw the matter and immediately gave instructions which were ‘completed successfully’ and caused ‘no aircraft damage’.


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