Bengal BJP Goes All Guns Blazing Against TMC Through Rallies, Protests in Wake of SSC Scam


The SSC scam in West Bengal has given the state BJP unit a major card to play against the ruling TMC over the past few weeks. “Chorder dharo jail bharo (catch the thief, put them behind the bar)” is the slogan used by the BJP from North Bengal to South Bengal with all leaders including Suvendu Adhikary and Sukanto Majumdar holding campaigns against the ruling party.

The BJP held similar movements against the TMC after state assembly elections and the violence that ensued. However, the support to this was limited. This time, with the SSC scam, the party is going all out to tell people about the “government’s corruption.”

Amit Malviya, co-incharge of Bengal BJP, said, “The SSC scam has ruined the career and aspirations of thousands of young men and women.” Referring to Mamata Banerjee as “the kingpin of the scam”, Malviya said the massive loot happened under the chief minister’s watch.

“The BJP has hit the streets and is holding protests in every district and village to ensure justice is not denied to thousands who have been wronged. The mountains of cash we saw belongs to the poor and deserving, who were denied a fair opportunity to have a livelihood,” he said.

BJP insiders told News18 that though Sarada and Narada scam affected people, since it was not corruption within the government, people still had faith in CM Banerjee.

The party says that since the scam involves people at top positions, people need to be made aware that the government is corrupt. Ahead of the panchayat elections next year, the BJP wants to reach out to the young teacher applicants, who form a major part of the youth demographic.

Rallies, dharnas, district protests are all being taken out by the BJP. Interestingly, party insiders also say that SSC scam has given blow to the socio politics of Bengal since teachers are considered to be culturally affluent. The scam however has paved way for common people to raise questions.

The BJP has jumped into action, but time will tell how successful the party will be from this campaign.

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