Aaftab’s polygraph test concludes, narco test in case of discrepancies; know what cops asked him


All sessions of the polygraph test on Aaftab Poonawala, accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar and dismembering her body in 35 pieces, were completed on Friday, with the final session going on for three hours at the Forensic Science Laboratory in Delhi’s Rohini. 

PTI quoted a senior FSL official saying that all sessions related to the test have been completed, including the pre, main and post stages of the procedure.

“Our forensic experts will analyse the recordings and make a report accordingly. He (Poonawala) can be called again if the experts are not satisfied with the report. Based on the outcome of the report, a decision will be taken on conducting narco analysis which can be carried out even if he is sent to judicial custody,” he said.

The police custody of Aaftab ends today as the investigation in the case is still underway. The police are yet to find the victim’s skull and remaining body parts as well as the weapon used to dismember the body. 

On Thursday, the police recovered five knives from Aaftab’s rented accommodation in Chhatarpur Pahadi area. They have been sent for examination to ascertain if they were used to chop the victim’s body. 

During the polygraph test, Aaftab was asked details about the case, what triggered him to kill Walker, if it was a planned event or he did it in a fit of rage like he claimed in the court. All the sequence of event that transpired ever since they started dating and how he decided to dispose of the body in such a gruesome manner. He was also asked about kind of weapon he used to chop her body into multiple parts along with various other questions related to the case that could give lead to further investigation in the case. 

The questioning included a new line based on Shraddha’s 2020 police complaint against Aaftab in Mumbai’s Vasai to ascertain if the murder was done in a “fit of rage” or if it was a premeditated action by Aaftab. 

In her complaint, Shraddha had claimed that Aaftab threatened to “kill her and cut her into pieces”. She had also also alleged that Aaftab’s family was aware of his violent nature. She, however, withdrew her complaint 26 days later. 

The intension was to check for discrepancies in his statement, the official said, adding that the results will be handed over to the investigators within two-three days.

Poonawala had undergone a marathon polygraph test of nearly eight hours on Thursday. However, officials at the facility found it difficult to record his statements as he was not well.

With the murder already six months old and body parts yet to be recovered, police are making all possible efforts to make it a watertight case. The lack of murder weapon (since Aaftab says he strangled Shraddha) and lack of motive (since Aaftab says he acted in ‘heat of moment’), the case depends a lot on finding the remaining body parts, DNA match and the weapons used to dismember the victim’s body. 

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