67-year-old Bengaluru man dies during sex, girlfriend dumps body in plastic bag by roadside


67-year-old Bengaluru man dies during sex, girlfriend dumps body in plastic bag by roadside | Photo: File (Image for representation)

A woman and her family members were detained after it was claimed they dumped the body of an elderly man who had died while having sex with the woman at her home. The incident happened in Bengaluru’s JP Nagar neighbourhood. A 67-year-old man has been identified as the deceased. According to police, an investigation was started after the 67-year-old businessman’s body was discovered on November 17 wrapped in a plastic bag.

After learning the man’s identity, the police looked up the details of his phone calls and discovered that he had visited his girlfriend’s home. Since the investigation into the incident is currently underway, police refused to reveal the identities of the accused and victim.

The findings of the initial investigation, however, indicates that the Bengaluru homemaker, 35, and the elderly businessman, 58, were having an affair. The deceased visited her home on November 16 at around 5:00 p.m. and passed away in her bed as they were having sex.

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The woman allegedly confided in her husband and brother-in-law out of fear that the situation would be made public and to protect her reputation. A police officer claimed that the three later allegedly wrapped the businessman’s body in plastic and dumped it at a remote location in JP Nagar. When questioned by police, the woman claimed that the businessman had an epileptic attack while having sex with her and passed away right away.

The businessman’s family members reported to the police that he had left the house claiming to be going to see his daughter-in-law, but when he did not come back, they registered a missing person’s report. His family was informed that the man had undertaken an angiography in August and that he had a number of medical issues.

Under IPC sections 176 (omission to give notice or information to a public servant by a person legally required to do so), 201 (causing the disappearance of evidence of the offence or providing false information to the offender), and 202 (intentional omission to give information of the offence by a person legally required to inform), a case has been filed in this regard.

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