4 male goats producing milk since 3 years; vet calls it ‘normal’, gives THIS reason


An utterly bizarre news has surfaced from Madhya Pradesh where 4 he-goats or billies are allegedly producing milk for the last three years. The male goats are part of a private rearing centre in the Burhanpur district of MP. The staff at the centre calls the male goats yielding milk ‘normal. 

The claim is from Sartaj Goat Rearing Training and Research Center in Burhanpur. “The staff of the centre says it is normal for us,” the centre’s manager Sajid Akhtar was quoted as saying. He added that the four male goats have been giving milk for the past three years and produce a combined quantity of 300 ml milk per day. 

The extraordinary act is apparently not a new thing at this goat rearing centre in MP. As per the veterinarian at the centre, it is a rare but possible thing. He even claims to have seen one goat yield milk for 10 years. The vet added that the reason for male goats yielding milk is hormonal changes inside its body. He said that the milk was no different to what is yielded by female goats. 

“There is one such case in every thousand. The milk has been tested, there is no difference between the male goat`s milk and normal goat milk,” veterinarian Tushar Nimade was quoted as saying. 

The 6-year-old centre at Burhanpur has over 350 goats which belong to around 10 different species. The 4 miracle male goats producing milk also belong to 4 different species. One is a Hyderabadi, called ‘Hyderabadi Chacha’, one a Hansa species goat called ‘Sultan’. The third one is a Punjabi Bital and is called ‘Badshah’ while the fourth one, a Pathira, is called ‘Sheru’.

The centre’s staff says that their establishment is now flocked by not just researchers but also farmers and tourists after the news grabbed headlines.

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