18-year-old, who fell off Mumbai local train, makes an appeal to commuters


Government Railway Police, (GRP) Mumbai, decided to use Danish Khan as ‘Poster boy’ to prevent stunt on the local trains and going to use him to convince other not do so.

Danish Khan (19) fell off from a running local train on Thursday between Kalwa and Thane. A railfan namely Mayur Limaye shot the video of hanging h Khan on the door of local trains,later its went viral .

“Footboard travel is very dangereous it could be fatal, people need to avoid it,” said Danish Khan, who fell down on Thursday from a moving train between Kalwa and Thane. “Thank god I am alive, its a miracle, but miracles don’t happen every day.”

While speaking with FPJ on Friday he said, “it was my biggest mistake of life.”

After the incident, Danish walked till the road with the help of a local person and was taken to the hospital then. According to Danish, his bag and comperatively slow speed of train also played vital role to save him.

When he fell off from the train, his bag was on his chest and worked like “safe gaurd” for his chest. “Beacuse of a plastic bottle full of water in the bag with a pair of cloths, my body was jumped after fell on the ground, in result ‘force’ of body divided which proved quite helpful to save my face, chest and forhead from the injury” he said.

However, Danish suferred fracture on left hand and leg but ge is out of danger.

Confirming the developement, Qaisar Khalid, commissionor of government railway police said, “The decision to turn Khan into a caveat for all the gadabouts who unthinkingly pull such capers was arrived at after he showed profuse remorse for his act and swore never to endanger his life like this again.”

“We want to use Danish Khan for our campaign to raise awareness against such perilous stunts and risky ways of commuting such as on the rooftop,” he added.

“He is a decent kid. He’s got a fright and has realised his mistake and had promised not to repeat it. The family is in shock and is bothered that everybody has seen the video,” said a friend of Khan.

While talking to FPJ, Khan said: “Never again will I be so foolish. I had little idea that what I was doing would prove to be so dangerous it could have been deadly.”

Asked about how he reached hospital , Danish said, ” First I tried to walk alone but not able to do so , hence asked for help from a local person, with the help of that person I walked till the road and later he hired a rikshaw and rushed to the Kalwa hospital.

The railways has consistently been running campaigns against dangerous travel and train stunts but invariably some or the other rollicking youth makes headlines after falling prey to his own misdeed.

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