Werewolf by Night Ending Explained: How the Climax of Michael Giacchino’s Marvel Special Sets Up Jack Russell and Man-Thing For Future (SPOILER ALERT)


With Werewolf by Night premiering on Disney+, a new era of horror has been brought upon the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Focusing on five monster hunters who come to the Bloodstone Manor and take part in a competition to win a powerful relic, the special sees them come face-to-face with a deadly creature. Werewolf by Night Review: Michael Giacchino’s Marvel Special Revels In Being an Ode to the Classic Horror Films ! ( F10 News).

Werewolf by Night is unlike anything Marvel has ever done before, and it certainly lends itself to the horror tone very well. With Jack Russell’s Werewolf and Man-Thing definitely becoming a fan favourite after this, fans will want to see more of the duo and the special does end in a way that certainly leans to the credence of us seeing them again. Also, with the Bloodstone being a part of the MCU, this certainly isn’t a one-off chapter. So, let’s take a look at the ending of Werewolf by Night. 

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The Ending of Werewolf by Night Explained:

A Still From Werewolf by Night (Photo Credit: Marvel Studios)

After the mishap at the Bloodstone Manor, Jack Russell wakes up safe and sound in a tent as him and Man-Thing discourse about the night-before for a bit and the special ends there. It looks like the MCU is setting them up as a new duo seeing how Jack and Man-Thing hardly interacted in the comics, but there is still quite the importance to them.

While of course, Jack isn’t really dead and this makes room for him to appear in the future, Man-Thing actually might be the most important part of the Multiverse Saga. In the comics, Man-Thing is extremely powerful as for a long time he finds himself to be the Keeper of the Nexus Realities.

A Still From Werewolf by Night (Photo Credit: Marvel Studios)

Now what is the Nexus Reality? Well, think of it as a doorway to many paths in the Multiverse. Man-Thing possesses that power as he can travel to different dimensions and realities and add a bit of a displacement to it as well.

Seeing as to how the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new saga is all built around the multiverse, it’s safe to assume that we will be seeing more of him going forward, and of course with Jack being his friend, we can expect the Werewolf too.

A Still From Werewolf by Night (Photo Credit: Marvel Studios)

There is also the point of Elsa Bloodstone owning the actual Bloodstone now too. With Werewolf by Night practically being a pseudo-origin story for her as well, we can expect to see her in the future too considering she is really important to the larger Marvel Universe. Werewolf By Night Review: Critics Praise Michael Giacchino’s Marvel Horror Special, Call It ‘Refreshing’ and ‘Bloody’.

You can check out Werewolf by Night which is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar right now.

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