Urfi Javed again broke the limits of bo*ldness, started wearing clothes in front of the camera


Urfi Javed’s bo*ld style often surprises people. In such a situation, now the actress has again shared a video of her with fans, breaking the limits of bo*ldness.

New Delhi: TV actress Urfi Javed may not have gained much popularity on the basis of her acting, but despite this, she is no longer interested in any identity. In fact, due to her strange fashion, she remains in the headlines so much that she has gained a special identity in every household.

Urfi shared the video

Urfi often blows people’s senses with her dressing sense, now again breaking the limits of bo*ldness, she has posted a video of herself on Instagram.

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In this, Urfi is seen wearing clothes in front of the camera. At the beginning of the video, she is correcting her tube bralette by pulling it up.

Urfi is looking very hot

In the video, Urfi further buttons her high Thai slit black skirt and wears big golden earrings in her ears. After this, she gets ready to pose by waving her hair. This hot avatar of Urfi is now attracting a lot of fans.

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Urfi in discussion due to marriage news

It is worth noting that apart from this, recently Urfi has shared a photo of herself with singer Kunwar. With this, she has written in the caption ‘Pre-Wedding Photoshoot’. Since then, there have been speculations of marriage. However, let us tell you that this photo actress is a part of some next project.


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