The bride did something after seeing the groom, the video went viral


Bride Groom Video: The video of the bride is viral in social media. In this, she jumped with joy as soon as she reached the pavilion. Then see what he did again and again.

Dulhan Ka Video: Millions of millions of videos related to marriage are watched and uploaded on social media. But there are only a few of them who make a splash as soon as they come and are seen for a long time. Right now one such tremendous video related to marriage is covered everywhere. The video is related to the mandap in which the bride jumped on seeing her future husband and did something that she would love to see again and again. The video has been viewed thousands of times in no time and has been liked by a large number of people.

When the bride jumped with joy

Seeing the video that surfaced, it is known that the ceremony of the garland has been completed and the bride and groom have reached the pavilion to take the rounds. However, then what happened in the frame is worth watching. Actually, before both could sit in the pavilion, the song started playing in the background. On hearing this, the bride jumped in joy and started looking at the groom. After this she danced so beautifully that he would be left watching.

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Seeing the bride dancing in this, all the guests standing around also cheer a lot. During this, a person can be heard saying ‘Very good’. It is not known when and where the video is from. Although it has also been uploaded on Instagram on a page named thebridesofindia, which netizens have liked a lot.

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