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‘Singing Strings of Vibhor Saini’ Volume 4 Launched on the Eve of 98th Anniversary of Saraswati Music College

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The prestigious Saraswati Music College founded by Shri Bansilal Kapoor completed its 98 years of triumph on the 28th September, 2020. The event was contemporary to the Indian Film Festival Tashkent, Uzbekistan and was graced with the presence of eminent personalities. Mr. Purushottam Rupala, Union Minister, Govt. of India, Mr. Randhir Kapoor (Indian Actor, Director, Producer), Mr. Rahul Rawail (Film Director), H.E. Dilshod Ashatov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan in India, Dr. Alisher Djabbarov (Industrialist from Tashkent) and other prominent businessmen of India and Representatives from the Embassy of Uzbekistan honored the occasion at Delhi in the premises of the college itself.

One of the major events of the grand evening at Saraswati Music College was the launch of the 4th Volume of the music album, “Singing Strings of Vibhor Saini”. Vibhor Saini has a legacy of music as Shri Bansilal Kapoor was his grandfather and it was at a very tender age that Vibhor started imparting his knowledge of music to society. Vibhor is also credited for establishing the “Katharas Audio Studio” and “Katharas Video Studio” in 2007 in the college building itself, for enhanced music technologies for all the students.

The 4th volume was launched by the veteran actor, producer and director, Mr. Randhir Kapoor, while the earlier three albums were launched by his brother actor Late Shri Rishi Kapoor. The album is to be released later in the year by the biggest music brand of India, Tseries. Mr. Randhir Kapoor shared few nostalgic moments with the audience and exclaimed how the albums have had songs from his father’s movies and have always been pleasure to the ears of the vast audience all across Central Asia.

Along with this, there was another remarkable launch that too of a poetic book by the very talented Vipul Saini. A curator at the Art Sastra Gallery, Saraswati Music college, Vipul has always been deeply influenced by poetry. He also holds writing and painting too close to his heart. Therefore, his book “Udta Phire Hai” puts forth poetic quotes and poetry in the most flawless manner.

The audience was also touched by the soulful performance by Vibhor Saini to commemorate this occasion as well as another performance was staged by the students of Saraswati Music College.

As the event coincided with the Indian Film Festival Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Mr. Purushottam Rupala while addressing the audience said, “India and Uzbekistan are civilizational friends who were brought together not merely by geography but commonality of cultural heritage and harmonious linkages over centuries.”

Further, when Vibhor Saini shared his views, he talked about how he had an emotional connect with the institution and would work even more for its growth. He further added, that he plans to have many more branches of the Saraswati Music College and the Katharas Studios by its 100th year.  There are already two more branches, one in Tashkent Uzbekistan and another in the Narmada River View Resort bldg. Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.

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