See The Girl in the Woods’ Character Portraits & Scary Monsters

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Cults, monsters and a literal door to the underworld?

Just another hellish day in the life of a typical high schooler, according to Peacock’s new supernatural drama The Girl in the Woods. The spooky series stars Stefanie Scott as Carrie, a teen runaway who escapes a cult-like colony that protects a small mining town from the underworld’s most gruesome creatures.

After Carrie leaves her post guarding the door to hell, she enlists new pals Nolan (Misha Osherovich) and Tasha (Sofia Bryant) to become de facto monster slayers. Yes, the fate of the world depends on three teens—and we’re here for it. 

Now, E! News can exclusively reveal the spooky character portraits and terrifying monsters from the new thriller ahead of this week’s premiere.

Krysten Ritter directed the first four episodes of the eight-part series, premiering on Peacock this Thursday, Oct. 21. The former director and star of Jessica Jones also served as co-executive producer of The Girl in the Woods, which is based on Crypt TV’s 2018 short film The Door in the Woods and the 2020 sequel of the same name. 

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