Rahul Khanna Birthday: From Suggesting Elopement To Where Not To Wear A Lungi: Five Style And Grooming Advices By The Actor That Are Smart And Wicked!


Rahul Khanna has a blog. Yes, on the birthday of this gorgeous human on earth, we decided to go through the Style and Grooming Q n A column of HT Brunch which Khanna presides over. Many men ask style and glamour questions and the actor gives some fascinating answers to them. There’s one where a guy asked him how to arrange for his wedding during a lockdown. Khanna’s first suggestion was elopement but since that’s tough during the circumstances, he then suggests an alternative. Someone asked him which is the right place to wear a lungi. While he listed down the obvious places, he did mention where the person shouldn’t be dressing up in a lungi! Rahul Khanna Birthday Special: Urbane, Suave and Perennially Dapper, the Boutique Actor Charms and How!

Rahul Khanna’s charm that we loved to watch in 1947: Earth or Hollywood Bollywood finds its way in his suggestions as well. Check out a few of the suggestions…

Makeup for man? Khanna goes with black painted nails

Mr. Grey will now meet you, in a lungi?

Someone asked the actor how can he look younger even when he has ample grey hair. He is just 27 and fit! Khanna’s reply was to own the grey and grey pride! Someone also wanted to know where a ‘humble lungi’ can still work. He narrated a lot of places but asked the guy to avoid breezy areas. You know why right!

Steps to wear a kurta, anywhere!

We never thought instructions to wear a kurta can sound so enticing. A reader asked him if a short guy like him can wear a pathani suit ever. The actor told him in details the whole process of getting into these garments.

When matching belts lead to match-making

Rahul Khanna calls himself a boutique actor on his bio on Twitter and Instagram. He told HT Brunch, “I jokingly refer to myself as a “Boutique Bollywood Actor” because people have always struggled with how to slot me! I had been hearing the term “boutique” used to describe everything from hotels to investment firms that occupied a more unique space and realised it was also quite apt for me.” Sense of humour in men is more attractive than looks, Rahul Khanna knows it pretty well.


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