Poonam Pandey said – the trick to get votes was to take off the T-shirt, it worked


Poonam Pandey has been one of the most controversial contestants of the lockup show. Even during the season, Poonam retained her bo*ld avatar. During this, Poonam again adopted the strategy of taking off her T-shirt to get votes from the fans.

Poonam Pandey was one of the most talked about contestants in Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lockup. To get the attention of the fans, Poonam also adopted her ‘Iconic Strategy’ during this time which was a hit. She is extremely happy with the response to her role in Lockup and says that the show has changed people’s attitude towards her.

Poonam Pandey said that the lockup reminded me of my childhood. Due to the problem of money, from tailoring to making papad, all of them came in front of the eyes. All of us contestants are constantly in touch with each other after coming out. We have planned to create a WhatsApp group named Lockup. I am talking to everyone, then I will add them. By the way, Poonam is also sorry that she could not play better than Munavvar or else she would have been the winner. She said that I am very happy for Munavvar, she was deserving. If Munavvar did not win, then only Pakka Payal was going to win. She was playing well from day one. Despite people’s hatred, she was playing the game alone. This is commendable.

Now girls like me too

Due to the lockdown, people’s attitude towards Poonam has also changed. She herself is feeling it. She said that people had a lot of misconceptions about me before the lockup. Now girls come to me and meet me. Kisses me, talks to me. This is what I’ve always wanted. I wanted to tell them that I am also simple and homely like them. I have seen many struggles and poverty in my life. I used to bear the responsibility of my own fees from the time of school. I wanted to be an idol for girls, they should be inspired by my journey. Right after ten years but could find her love. This achievement is also like winning a trophy for me.

T-shirt removal part of strategy

In the conversation, Poonam Pandey called her announcement of taking off the T-shirt in the show was actually a ploy for votes. He said that when I came to the bottom, I could not understand what to do there. I have been connected to the fans only through the camera of the jail. The idea hit me and surprisingly, it worked. Let me get votes, whatever I thought there, whether it is good or bad, but the work was done.

Female contestants have problems

During the show, Poonam also mentioned the problems related to periods. She said that she was facing problems not only with her but all the girls in the show. All the women even had to take medicines. There was no sunshine at all, along with this we were all under a lot of stress. Our bag was taken. Very basic things were provided to us.

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