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Meet Chigan Madu, the Producer Behind The Prank Movie: The Human Parts Saga, the First Ever African Prank Movie To Hit the Cinemas in Nigeria

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Charles Maduemezia, also known as Chigan Madu is an award-winning entrepreneur with more than 11 years working experience in Production and Digital Content Creation, Filmmaking and Entrepreneurship and He is the current CEO and Founder of Cm Music Worldwide Entertainment, a record label business based in Nigeria, founded since 2017 with activities.

His personal values steer and guide his business and other businesses he is contracted to be on. Where a people first policy is essential to his success. He loves Filmmaking, music production and digital content production (smart) driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, service excellence and safety standards.

Charles Maduemezia’s personal style has been built a lifetime in the entrepreneurship, Filmmaking, Production services, and the educational consulting industry, He believes in nurturing talent, giving people the tools, resources and time to flourish in their work environment. This he says can only be achieved through a culture of positive physical and mental health. Where people feel valued and respected.

He added, “Let’s focus on looking after ourselves and each other. It feels good, and drives the right behaviors that we need to have. Ensuring we have a positive impact on our collective environmental wellbeing. Planning for a smart, safe and secure future.

Chigan Madu started his first business, Cmmusic Worldwide Entertainment, a record label company, professional music services provider right after serving his nation in 2017 and has been an unstoppable force ever since. While running his business Cmmusic Worldwide Entertainment he was contracted by many firms and

He finds his greatest motivation in coaching others to perform above and beyond expectations. Charles Maduemezia’s success formula for excellence in execution: 80% Execution (do it) | 15% Position (stick to it) | 5% Strategy (plan it).

The award-winning cinematographer, Charles Maduemezia,has made a name for himself as an extraordinary Film Producer, He said  The Prank Movie was his first ever project in movie production. and he was overwhelmed with the box office rating the movie got. The movie was also ranked on Google’s Knowledge Panel. Chigan Madu whose net worth is not yet estimated, but is reported to be in millions of naira, has contributed to the alleviation of poverty in Nigeria and his strides is becoming legendary and cannot be deleted from the sands of time in Nigeria.

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