KGF and RRR will forget seeing Shamshera Trailer, will go crazy for Ranbir’s look and acting! Sanjay Dutt looked amazing too!


Shamshera Trailer Review: This trailer of 2 minutes 59 seconds has not only done wonders but has also shown a new hope to Bollywood. While Ranbir Kapoor has become a Shamshera, Sanjay Dutt is also looking amazing.

Ranbir Kapoor Shamshera Trailer: The film about which Ranbir Kapoor has been in the headlines for the last 2 years, now the trailer of the same film Shamshera has been released. Fans have been waiting for this film for a long time and now when the first glimpse of it was seen, it was just amazing. Seeing the trailer, people are getting goosebumps and then they went crazy seeing Ranbir Kapoor.

How is shamshera trailer

Now the question is how Ranbir Kapoor has become Shamshera. The film may not have been released yet, but its trailer gives an idea of ​​its story to a great extent. Even though the curtain from the climax will rise later, but when you start watching this trailer of 2 minutes 59 seconds, then you cannot take your eyes off it. Ranbir Kapoor’s look, his acting, Sanjay Dutt’s unique idea does not allow you to leave the screen. Now that the trailer itself is getting so much praise, then it can also be guessed what amazing the film will do.

Sanjay Dutt looked amazing in the role of Shuddh Singh

Sanjay Dutt is looking as amazing as Ranbir Kapoor is doing in this trailer. In the film, he is playing the role of a inspector named Shuddh Singh. Who is very clever and cunning. Like Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt is also making a lot of headlines for his look.

Will Shamshera beat RRR and KGF?

In the past, the battle that broke out in South Cinema and Bollywood was heard by everyone, now the question is whether Shamshera will beat Ramcharan and Junior NTR’s RRR and superstar Yash’s superhit KGF. The Hindi audience has started expecting it after watching the trailer. Shamshera can also become the most powerful film of Ranbir Kapoor’s career. Now whether all this will be true or not, it will be known only after the release of the film, but till then you can enjoy watching its trailer.

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