John Corbett Confirms He Married Bo Derek After 20 Years Together

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In September 2020, the Bolero actress opened up about her love life and shared a rare glimpse inside her and John’s romance. When speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Bo admitted that she didn’t “mind being asked” when they’d get hitched.

“Because we’re the abnormal people,” she described. “It’s not really a conscious decision not to, it’s just at our age we’re not going to have children, we’re not building a new family together that this is important to a family tree. So for us, it would just be a piece of paper.”

Regardless if they got married or not, Bo explained that the secret to their decades-long relationship was all about having a strong connection.

“You have to be in love. Really, deeply in love. And funny enough, we’re such opposites in so many ways when we started out, we took this relationship one day at a time.”

The My Big Fat Greek Wedding actor, who began dating Bo in 2002 when the movie was released, previously touched on sharing the same views as the actress.

“I think the secret is just enjoy being together,” John told the Huffington Post back in 2016.

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