Jahnavi Kapoor ran on the treadmill wearing a sports bra, you will sweat after watching the workout


Jhanvi workout videoWhat to say about Bollywood actress Jhanvi Kapoor. Whenever a post is shared on Instagram, it becomes viral overnight. Source- Instagram

Late, but Jhanvi shares her every post with perfection. Source- Instagram

Now watch her workout video only. She shared this after noon, but the video looked tremendous. Source- Instagram

In the video, Janhvi is seen telling fans about her workout routine. Source- Instagram

A post shared by Janhvi Kapoor (@janhvikapoor)

First running on the treadmill, then exercising with dumbbells. Source- Instagram

After this, doing pushups on the yoga mat and then finally running on the treadmill again. Source- Instagram

This is Jhanvi’s daily workout routine. Seeing this video, good people are sweating. Source- Instagram

To maintain herself, Jhanvi does a lot of hardcore workouts. Source- Instagram

By the way, to have a toned body and abs, a lot of papad has to be rolled. It’s not easy at all. Source- Instagram Nyasa Devgan crossed all limits to look beautiful wearing a bomb blouse, seeing the photos will make your head spin

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