Hrithik Roshan Celebrates 15 Years Of Krrish With Krrish 4; Here’s Everything We Know About The Sequel


Hrithik Roshan teased his and the fans of Krrish perfectly well with his new Instagram post. The video celebrates 15 years of Krrish with a promise of a future-looking Krrish 4. There has been much chatter about the fourth installment in the franchise which began with Koi Mil Gaya. After fighting aliens in Krrish 3, Hrithik is supposed to don the cape and mask once again to save the world. The anticipation for this film is obviously huge as it is the only superhero franchise in India that has earned so much. That also led to a lot of conjecture about what the sequel will be all about. We have compiled all the hearsays and confirmed details about Krrish 4, right here for you.  Hrithik Roshan Reveals Further Plans Regarding His Much-Loved Superhero Film Krrish 4!

Hrithik Roshan and his many roles

It was said that Hrithik will continue to play a double role in Krrish 4 as well even when Rohit is dead. It was said that this time, good Hrithik will fight the bad Hrithik. Later, it was heard, the actor will play four roles. Director Rakesh Roshan refuted it saying the script isn’t even ready. But he didn’t deny that the actor has two roles.

Return of Jaadu

Jaadu, the adorable alien from Koi Mil Gaya, who cured Rohit Mehra and became his best friend is all set to return with the fourth installment. Hrithik hinted at it by saying “The world can do with some Jaadu now.”

Priyanka Chopra or Kiara Advani or both?

Back in 2018, Rakesh Roshan had very fondly told Deccan Chronicle that Priyanka will be part of Krrish 4 but the length of her role is something he isn’t aware of. Last year, there were murmurs that PC will not be part of the sequel. That seemed likely because the actress is now doing several Hollywood projects. Kiara Advani’s started hitting the rounds. Krrish 4: The Superhero franchise to see Hrithik Roshan Vs Hrithik Roshan in the next installation?

Back from the dead

With Jadoo coming back into the storyline means there is a possibility of Rohit Mehra returning as well. It is rumoured that Krrish will travel back in time to get his father back because he is the only who can contact Jadoo. So, in all probability Krrish 4 will be a time travel story. There were also rumours about army of supervillains.

Well, now that Hrithik has confirmed about Krrish 4, we think that’s the film the actor will kickstart next.

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