Gutkha eaters will get 7 rewards! Check List Here Immediately


Viral Photo: The government keeps making people aware about gutka and tobacco from time to time. Even after this, people consume gutkha and tobacco fiercely. If you also consume gutkha, then we have brought a picture for you.

Viral Photo: Those who eat gutkha must know that precautions are written on the packet of gutkha. Along with this, it is also written that eating gutkha causes cancer. Apart from gutkha, smoking tobacco, bidi-cigarettes also cause cancer. However, even after the warnings are written in bold letters, people consume it fiercely. Many people can be seen eating gutkha and smoking cigarettes to become cool.

Gutkha eaters will get 7 rewards

From time to time, the government also takes important steps to make people aware of gutka and tobacco. Even after this, people consume gutkha and tobacco fiercely. If you also consume gutkha, then we are going to show you a picture. Actually, this picture is to get rid of gutkha. This picture is doing the rounds on social media. You will also enjoy seeing the picture.

IAS officer Avnish Sharan has shared this picture on his official Twitter account. It can be seen in the picture that something is written on the wall. In fact, it has been written that those who eat gutkha will get rewards. It has been told through the picture that those who eat gutkha will gradually get seven types of rewards. In this, what prize will be given to the people who come from first to seventh place, everything has been told.

Yamraj will be the chief guest to give the award!

You can see that in the top award, the person has been told about getting cancer. Apart from this, if the eating of gutkha is not stopped, then the name of Ram is sure to be true as the last reward. It has also been told in the picture where to get its form. Yamraj’s name has been written as the chief guest of prize distribution. Sharing the picture, Avneesh Sharan wrote in the caption, ‘Great idea.’

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