Global Forgiveness Day: From Gracy Singh to Samir Soni, TV Stars Talk About the Importance of Forgiveness


On the occasion of Global Forgiveness Day on Wednesday, several artistes of the Indian television fraternity shared their perspective about the value of forgiveness and how important it is to not only forgive others but ourselves, too. For Gracy Singh, who is seen in “Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayen”, forgiveness is important because unsolved anger affects mental wellness. International Kissing Day 2021: From Pose to Sex Education, 5 Passionate Kisses From LGBTQ+ Films and TV Shows (Watch Videos).

“Forgiveness is an important virtue that helps us in all walks of life. Being angry at someone affects us more than it does the other person. Unsolved anger affects mental wellness as it often leads to unmanaged stress and other serious health issues. On this day, take a long breath and exhale all the negativity while stepping towards the joy of forgiving,” said Gracy. Balika Vadhu Season 2: Colors TV Reveals the New Anandi Who’s All Set To Eliminate Child Marriage From the Society (Watch Promo).

Actor Samir Soni said: “I believe in ‘forgive and forget’. The more you hold grudges, the more you harm yourself and not the person who might have wronged you. It reminds me of famous American Novelist Anne Lamott, who once said, ‘Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die’.” For Nikhil Bhambri, forgiveness is necessary to maintain one’s sanctity of mind.

“I believe forgiveness is important to maintain the sanctity of mind as well as peace of mind. I would like to share a memory from my childhood. Once my best friend in school did something that upset me but it was only recently that I realised that my resentment was futile. It was last year when we bonded again. Today we are there for each other through thick and thin. I only wish I had forgiven him sooner. So, if there is someone you can forgive, do it today,” the actor said.

Actor Rohitashv Gour of “Bhabi ji Ghar Par Hai!” said: “During these unprecedented times, the only way where one can find peace is by living in the moment and liberating ourselves from anger and practising forgiveness as a way of life. Forgiveness works like magic. The person who receives it feels a burden has been lifted and the person who forgives finds peace.”

“Another important aspect is learning to forgive yourself, as it is an important step towards self-love. We must accept that nobody is perfect and mistakes can only make you better. Make compassion a part of your life and see your life take a positive route,” Gaur added.

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