Gadar Turns 20: Director Anil Sharma Talks About the Scene From Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel’s Film That Gives Him Goosebumps


Director Anil Sharma turned nostalgic opening up about his 2001 blockbuster Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, which completes 20 years of release on Tuesday. The filmmaker feels the Sunny Deol starrer, which went on to become one of the biggest Bollywood hits of all times upon release, could never be released on OTT if it were released today. He adds even if “Gadar” opened today, it would create a similar impact at the box office. 20 Years Of Gadar: Sunny Deol Expresses Love and Gratitude to Fans, Says ‘We Made a Film, You Made It an Event’.

“A film like Gadar cannot be released on OTT. It is a movie that was made to be watched around people. But even if it had come on OTT, it would still be this magical. Just like Game Of Thrones is creating magic, if this movie was also released today it would have the same impact. Gold will always be gold whether you wear in your neck, ears or as rings,” Sharma said. He recalls the extreme challenge of shooting the climax action scene, on the roof of a train. Aamir Khan On Lagaan Vs Gadar Clash: Don’t Think Sunny Deol And Anil Sharma Knew It’s Going To Be So Huge.

“A challenging sequence was the climax where Sunny (Deol) had to carry my son Utkarsh (who played Sunny’s son Jeeta in the film) on his shoulders and run on the train’s roof with Ameesha (Patel). Utkarsh was on Sunny’s shoulder and he had to run from one compartment to the other. The train was at a speed that made it even more difficult. Whenever I remember the scene, I still get anxious and get goosebumps,” the filmmaker said.

“While directing that scene, I remember closing my eyes with several questions and thoughts running through my mind. When I heard the sound of the train stopping, I opened my eyes and was immensely relieved. This was one of the most difficult scenes of my life and career. I questioned myself, what if there was a mishap? I didn’t have to place the child on Sunny’s shoulder, it was a huge risk I took. I trusted Sunny and he completed the scene so well,” he added.

“It’s not my film but everyone’s film. Whoever has watched the film, it’s their film. On 20 years of this movie, I want to congratulate everyone as it’s your film, too,” Sharma summed up about the Zee Studios production.

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