Chappal Chor: Woman threw slippers out of fear, then poisonous snake ran away with it, video went viral


IFS Parveen Kaswan shared a video of a snake on Twitter which turned out to be a sandal thief. Seeing the snake roaming in the street, out of fear, a woman threw a slipper at it, but little did she know that the snake would become furious by pressing her slipper in its teeth. Watch funny video.

Snake is such a poisonous and scary creature that everyone starts trying to escape on seeing it. Once someone is bitten by a snake, then it becomes impossible for him to escape, that is why people want to stay away from this creature, no one wants poisonous snakes to burst around them. Just in this attempt, a woman had to be given away. And the snake turned out to be so mischievous that it could not enter the house, so it ran away with the slippers of the aunt.

IFS Parveen Kaswan shared a video of a sandal thief snake on Twitter. Seeing the snake roaming in the street, some women threw slippers on it to prevent it from entering their house. But the very next moment the snake bit his sandal in its teeth and fled from there. This very funny video has got 1.36 lakh views so far.

Slipper thief laughed after seeing the snake’s mischief

The video of sandal thief snake is becoming increasingly viral. Snake is a scary creature, yet seeing this viral video you are bound to laugh. It is seen in the video that the snake behaved like those mischievous children of the locality, if you stop them from doing mischief, they decide to harm the person in front of them, then run away with whoever they meet in front of them. Just like this snake did. To prevent a snake passing in the street from entering the house, a woman threw her sandal at the snake, so that it ran away in fear. But the snake trapped that slipper in its teeth and ran wild with it.

When the aunt hit her with slippers, the snake ran away by pressing it in the teeth.

As soon as the snake pressed the slippers of the woman in its mouth and started moving by lifting them, the women started screaming and pleading with the snake to return the slippers. But now where was the snake going to listen to his call. After all, he had told to run away by throwing slippers. That’s why the snake kept walking with whatever came in its grip. One user wrote – When a snake bit into a rubber sandal, its fangs got stuck. The snake chose to get away from human danger, even if it meant no use to it.

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