AC of only 200 rupees came in the market, coolness like Shimla in 45 degree… Hurry offer only for some time


New Delhi. Mini AC: In this increasing heat, the condition of people is miserable, some people have to bear this heat without AC cooler. Because nowadays the inflation is increasing so much that it is not a matter of everyone to buy AC and cooler, but if you come to know that you will get the cold air of AC for only ₹ 200 then how would you feel. You must be a little surprised to think that after all, where will you get the air of Asia Aisi for ₹ 200, then let us tell you that such a new offer has come in the market which will give you the cold air of AC in just ₹ 200 and not the moment. Let us tell you about this ₹ 200 AC in detail.

In the country’s capital Delhi, it is getting so dirty for the past days that people are getting helpless. Along with this, people are also falling ill due to heat, although there was some improvement in the weather due to rain in the last day, but due to the scorching sun and scorching heat, people are also having to think about getting out of their homes. Especially common people who take the help of taxis and autos to go. But now a very good option has come for you to save you from this scorching heat. You can buy great portable air conditioners at affordable prices. Portable air conditioner. It is evident. It can be carried easily.

Mini Portable AC

Told you that there is such a very compact design air condition, in this you get cool air like AC. It will cool down your room in a few minutes, its body is made of plastic, you can buy it anywhere from the online website Amazon. And its price has been kept at ₹ 4,719. You can easily install this mini AC above the walking table and study table. It can cool down such a small space very quickly and you can use it as a humidifier and a purifier. It comes with speed control. At the moment you will find this on Amazon’s website and you may have to wait a bit for this.

If you talk about its color, then it comes with 7 color LED light, it can be listed on Amazon’s site at 3824, you can buy it from Amazon website by seeing 180 every month with my. So now you also do not have to worry about the heat because on Amazon you will get this AC at a very low price which will save you from the heat.

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