57 Seconds: First Look of Morgan Freeman and Josh Hutcherson’s Time-Bending Thriller Out! (View Pic)


The first look of 57 Seconds starring Morgan Freeman and Josh Hutcherson is out. Directed by Rusty Cundieff, the film is a thriller set in the world of tech and big pharma based on the acclaimed story by British author E.C. Tubbs. The film is written by Macon Blair, director of Netflix’s ‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore,’ which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. In 57 Seconds, tech blogger Franklin Fausti (Hutcherson) lands a career-defining interview with the visionary technology guru Anton Burrell (Morgan Freeman). After thwarting an attack against the celebrated technophile, Tom Cruise Goes out in Disguise to See Every Movie That Releases in Theaters. (Source: – Latest Tweet by DiscussingFilm.

Franklin picks up a mysterious ring that Burrell has dropped and soon discovers the ring allows its possessor to travel 57 seconds into the past. Driven by revenge and with Burrell’s support, Franklin uses the ring to dismantle the pharmaceutical company responsible for his sister’s death. But he soon gets entangled in a treacherous and brutal chain of events with much more than his own destiny at stake, as per Variety. Anthony Hopkins To Portray Sigmund Freud In Freud’s Last Session, Project Launched At The Cannes Film Festival.

The film’s cast includes Lovie Simone, Greg Germann and Bevin Bru, alongside Sammi Rotibi, Mark Jacobson, D.A. Obahor, David Kallaway, AJ Rome, Kenneth Kynt Bryan, Matthew Jason Cwern and Marcus Brown round out the film’s ensemble. Produced by Griff Furst, Lori McCreary, Gary Lucchesi and Thomas P. Vitale, ’57 Seconds’ is a Curmudgeon Films and Revelations Entertainment production, with Ford Corbett, Som Kohanzadeh, Yoram Kohanzadeh and Miguel Sandoval as the executive producers.

Morgan Freeman and Josh Hutcherson’s Look in 57 Seconds

Highland Film Group is responsible for overseas sales at the Cannes Market. CAA Media Finance represents domestic rights while the principal photography on the pic is underway on location in Louisiana.

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