Twitter ramping up its engineering centre in India

BENGALURU: Despite its conflicts with the government, Twitter is expanding its technology talent pool in India. The micro-blogging site has 28 open positions. Most of the roles are in Bengaluru, including backend software engineer, Android engineer, senior data scientist, compliance officer, and human computation staff, as per the company’s jobs portal.
“Our team in Bengaluru contributes to our global growth strategy. In April we hired a director of engineering based in India, and subsequently, we’ve continued to recruit and hire at all levels across data science, product, research, design and engineering,” the company told TOI. Outside the US, the company has dedicated engineering teams in London, Toronto and Singapore, besides Bengaluru.
Twitter director Apurva Dalal was previously with Uber, with stints in Google and eBay. He is responsible for boosting its engineering capacity and offerings for the local and global audience.
The human computation team is focused on scaling and streamlining production of high-quality labelled data and contextbased insights & measurement, in support of machine learning, offline metrics, and all other human-in-theloop initiatives across Twitter. They would also be working with outsourced partners, reviewing potentially disturbing content including but not limited to pornographic images, child pornography, vulgar language, hate speech, violent threats, and other graphic images.
Twitter has an opening for staff machine learning engineer – revenue science. That includes working across its ads stack on predictive modeling, improving the way the system explores new traffic, mitigating effects of selection bias, effective budget pacing, efficient AB testing, accurate candidate ranking, visualisations, and more.

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