Twitter appoints interim chief compliance officer, says will make efforts to comply with new IT norms

NEW DELHI: Social media giant Twitter on Tuesday said that it has appointed interim chief compliance officer in India.
In a statement, a Twitter spokesperson informed that an interim chief compliance officer has been retained. It will share all details of the appointment with the IT ministry soon.
It also said that the company will continue to make every effort to comply with new digital media guidelines in India.

“We will keep the IT ministry apprised of progress at every step,” the Twitter spokesperson said.
The government had issued a notice to the micro-blogging website giving it one last chance to “immediately” comply with the new IT rules and warned that failure to adhere to the norms will lead to the platform losing exemption from liability under the IT Act.
Following this, Twitter had assured the Indian government last week that it is in advanced stages of finalising the appointment of chief compliance officer as required under the new IT rules, and that it will submit additional details within a week.
As per the new digital media rules, significant social media intermediaries — those with over 50 lakh users — are required to appoint a grievance officer, a nodal officer and a chief compliance officer. These personnel have to be residents in India.

The move by Twitter assumes significance as the microblogging platform has been facing heat over delay in complying with the IT rules that mandate large digital platforms to undertake greater due diligence, and make them more accountable and responsible for the content that is hosted.
(With inputs from PTI)

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