Azim Premji: Covid made people realise importance of public systems | India Business News

BENGALURU: Wipro founder Azim Premji said the pandemic has made people realise the importance of public systems, not just in healthcare but also a system that emphasises social security, data collection and scientific research.
“There is a greater acceptance of cooperation and a great deal of solidarity that you cannot leave everyone to themselves, and this will have an impact on philanthropy which could be lasting,” the septuagenarian said while speaking at Cambridge University’s Centre for Strategic Philanthropy.
Premji, one of the greatest modern philanthropists, has pledged more than Rs 2,000 crore for the fight against Covid-19 in India. The money will be used to support the public system in vaccinating people across the country.
Asked about the steps philanthropists in emerging economies should adopt, Premji said the idea should be to contribute to creating a just, equitable and humane society. “One should retain the culture of humility and build up a professional institution with people of dedication and competence. Empower it with the people you trust, and accept with humility that we may have the money but others know much more of the social issues and how to tackle them,” he said.
He reiterated that business and private sector ought to contribute more towards philanthropy and social matters. “The urge to do must come from inside, we can do a lot more in developing and sustaining institutions at all levels,” he said.

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