Want to work at Tesla? Elon Musk reveals AI Day plans for employing techies


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed he is planning to organize an AI Day with the objective of showcasing the progress made in Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and for the purpose of recruiting. At a time when Tesla has faced some resistance for its plans of progressing with autonomous vehicle technology, the AI Day could be a strong show of intent.

Musk took to Twitter on Monday to announce possible plans of a drawn-out AI Day. “Looking at holding Tesla AI Day in about a month or so. Will go over progress with Tesla AI software & hardware, both training & inference. Purpose is recruiting,” he wrote on the micro-blogging platform. It could be a shot in the arm for professionals looking at bagging a job with Tesla, the world leaders in electric vehicle segment.

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Musk would also later reply to a tweet post and add that Tesla is the right place for planning and executing newer ideas.

Tesla, known for its capable electric vehicles that are also packed to the brim with the latest technological marvels, has been at the forefront of self-drive capabilities. But this is also what has put Tesla under the glaring spotlight of safety regulators. Regulator in California, for instance, has put the car maker under review to ascertain if it falsely promoted its driver assist systems as full auto drive system.

While Musk himself has repeatedly backed cars that can completely negotiate real-world conditions, Tesla urges owners to constantly pay attention when behind the wheels and especially if AutoPilot is engaged. This hasn’t stopped some from choosing to sit back – even sleep – while their Tesla is on the move. On occasions, it is reported, this has led to tragic consequences.

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