Volvo announces subscribe-to-drive model for customers in Delhi


Volvo India has announced the launch of its car subscription model, becoming the latest among several carmakers in India to have rolled such a scheme out. The carmaker has said that this subscription model will offer prospective customers the opportunity to own a Volvo car under flexible terms. Currently, the model is only available in Delhi and across all models offered by the company in India, except S90. Based on the response, the model will also be taken to other parts of the country.

Though the details of the subscription rates are yet to be disclosed, the company has revealed the benefits a customer will get by choosing to drive a Volvo car using this scheme. The scheme can be used to drive out in a Volvo car for a minimum span of 12 months.

Volvo S60 (HT Auto photo)


1969 cc|Petrol|Automatic (Torque Converter)

Ex-showroom price


Volvo Xc40 (HT Auto photo)


1969 cc|Petrol|Automatic

Ex-showroom price


Volvo Xc90 (HT Auto photo)


1969 cc|Diesel|Automatic

Ex-showroom price


Volvo has said that those who choose the subscription model will be have the choice to pick from a range of pre-owned and new cars from the carmaker. It has assured customers that there is no need to make an upfront payment to drive a subscribed Volvo car. It also promises a ‘seamless exit’ for customers by simply returning the car to the company or dealer at the end of the subscription tenure.

Volvo has also ensured that the customer does not pay anything for maintenance or insurance of the vehicle in case need arises. The carmaker has included these costs as part of the subscription rates. These vehicles will also have their registration and road tax included in the subscription model.

The vehicle subscription model launched by Volvo will include models like XC40, XC60 and XC90. These three SUVs will be offered both as new and as pre-owned cars for customers. Besides these three SUVs, Volvo will also offer the recently launched S60 sedan as part of the subscribe-to-drive model. However, customers will only get to drive out a new S60 sedan, as it is not offered as a pre-owned option.

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