This Indian EV company partners Lamborghini family to make golf carts

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Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions Ltd has teamed with the Lamborghini family to develop Italian-designed and India-made golf carts across the world. The company aims to start sales of these carts from next year.

Chief executive officer of Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions Ltd Sulajja Firodia Motwani stated that the brand is planning to launch a range of ‘beautiful differentiated golf carts.’ She also mentioned that the golf cart market which estimates around $ 3 billion is mostly dominated by markets in North America, the Middle East and parts of Asia that have a lot of tourism.

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“Golf carts are used not only for golf but for hospitality, airports and hotels etc. So, this project of ours, this particular arm of Kinetic Green, would be focused on the global markets,” she was quoted saying as in the report.

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Motwani also mentioned that Kinetic Green which currently manufactures three-wheeled electric vehicles and is also developing two e-scooters expects that around 70 per cent of vehicles on the Indian roads will become cleaner in the next decade. She also stressed that given the size of the market, India also has the potential to lead the world in terms of the percentage of EVs in the transportation sector.

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To push adoption for electric mobility in the country, Kinetic Green has also been in talks with Hero Electric, Mahindra Electric Mobility and Convergence Energy Services Ltd (CESL) to supply electro two and three-wheelers, stated an earlier report. It also mentioned that CESL also aims to rent out and operate three-wheeled electric vehicles to make a garbage collection fleet for municipalities across India.

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