The latest Jeep SUVs could get Gorilla Glass windshield: Report


Gorilla Glass has long been touted as a standout feature on smartphones that can protect the screen in case of a fall or accidental damage. Gorilla Glass is often put to some of the most extreme tests to showcase that these can protect smartphones far better than most other forms of screen materials. But what if this same feature was brought to the windshield of some of the most rugged SUVs from Jeep? A recent report suggests that the American car maker may have already thought about it and is ready to introduce Gorilla Glass windshield in two of its latest models.

As per this report, Corning Gorilla Glass windshield will make its way to the latest Wrangler and Gladiator models. Quoting dealer sources, the report claims that Jeep has already started placing orders which could not only make a windshield lighter but far more resistance to impact.

Jeep Wrangler (HT Auto photo)


1998 cc|Petrol|Automatic

Ex-showroom price


Volvo V90-cross-country (HT Auto photo)

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Jeep SUVs are often most at home in the wilderness. Known for being rugged machines that are usually bought to also drive on challenging terrains beyond city limits, many rave about 4×4 capabilities of a Jeep. But there also have been a few owners who have pointed towards chipped or cracked windshields on their respective vehicles in the past.

Gorilla Glass windshield could indeed provide that extra bit of protection and prevent most chances of damage. But it could also cost extra. It is reported that those opting for these special windshield may have to additionally pay up to $100. In the larger scheme of things, and for those who are regular with their Jeep models on off-beat tracks, it could well be a rather small price to pay for some much-needed automotive protection.

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