Tesla reaches milestone of installing 1,000 Supercharging stations in China

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Tesla has reached a milestone of installing 1,000 Supercharging stations in the Chinese mainland, including 100 in Shanghai and 100 in Hainan Province. The company has also come up with a special display to celebrate the milestone, Insideevs reported.

The total number of individual Supercharging stalls including at all the stations is over 7,600, meaning that, on an average, there are 7.6 stalls per one charging station.

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China now contributes almost a third of the Supercharging network size of EV giant Tesla which has around a total number of more than 3,250 charging stations and over 29,250 charging stalls installed worldwide as of the end of Q3 2021.

China is just behind the US in terms of the number of charging stations installed in the country and its share is only increasing, that too very quickly. With Tesla’s rapid growth in mainland China and the country’s pace of adoption of EVs, it is quite possible that at some point, there might be more Supercharing stations in China than in the US. Currently, there are 1,168 stations installed in the US, as per supercharge.info.

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