RV with second floor and XXL bed? Luxury on wheels may never be the same again


Bürstner, a recreational vehicle manufacturer, has come up with a new Bürstner Lyseo Gallery, the first motorhome that features an elevated over-cab area. Based on the company’s principle of ‘travel small, live large’, this motorhome with its unique look and luxurious interiors has the potential to become camp lovers’ go-to vehicle.

The Lyseo Gallery is the first model from the company to bring together the positives of a coachbuilt and an over-cab bed model. When the vehicle is parked the ‘Gallery Roof’ can be elevated in 90 seconds with the help of compressed air and a specially developed air chamber system that takes the vehicle’s maximum body height to around 3.7 metres. However, while moving, this second level can be lowered completely which gives the vehicle a silhouette of a low profile coachbuilt. It also consumes less fuel in this condition. Since the second floor elevates vertically, it provides ample headspace. It also constitutes an XXL comfort size sleeping berth with a mobile phone charging station, a table and a seat and fixed stairs.

The interiors and the elevated second floor of the recreational vehicle.
The interiors and the elevated second floor of the recreational vehicle. (Bürstner)

The brand said that the interior design of the Lyseo Gallery was inspired by the decor of a gentlemen’s club that comprises chartreuse-coloured Burlington-type quilted buffalo leather and shag carpet. The kitchen’s functional elements are electrically controlled. It has a pop-up coffee machine, a retractable extractor fan, a bar, electrically controlled drawers and a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that can centrally lock all the movable kitchen elements before the vehicle hits ignition. With a considerable size washroom, the Lyseo Gallery aims to make the user feel at home.

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The kitchen's functional elements are electrically controlled.
The kitchen’s functional elements are electrically controlled. (Bürstner)

Bürstner hasn’t provided any technical details of this recreational motorhome but intends to go into series production soon.

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