Renault’s HYVIA unveils first hydrogen van prototype

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Renault’s HYVIA which is a joint hydrogen venture between the automaker and US company Plug Power has unveiled its first hydrogen prototype vehicle called Master Van H2-TECH. The automaker shared that this prototype will offer zero CO2 emissions and will come with an increased range and fast refuelling time.

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Renault’s Master Van H2-TECH prototype is primarily a large van that will be used for transporting goods and packages. It will offer the user a cargo volume of 12m3 and a range of about 500 km. It is equipped with a 30kW fuel cell, a 33kWh battery and has tanks containing 6kg of hydrogen. The company shared that the van is capable to meet the needs of demanding businesses, fleets, large accounts and local communities. The vans will be available from 2022, stated Renault.

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In addition to the van, HYVIA also unveiled its hydrogen refuelling station prototype. This station will aim to offer convenient refuelling options where public hydrogen infrastructure is under development. The automaker claimed that the station will allow fast fuelling time that can be as low as five minutes.

 The hydrogen supplied through this station will either be generated on-site using water electrolysis or supplied in bulk using gaseous tube trailers, conveyed Renault. Following that, the system will compress the hydrogen into storage, before dispensing it into the vehicle when needed. The brand also stated HYVIA’s Hydrogen Refuelling Stations will be available for purchase, lease or rent.

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The automaker also informed about the upcoming prototypes that will constitute a Master Chassis Cab H2-TECH which will be a large van with even more cargo space and a range of about 250km. The other will be a Master Citybus H2-TECH, an urban minibus, able to carry 15 passengers and will offer a range of 300 km. It will be ideal for businesses, municipalities, and local public services.

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