Petrol price crosses ₹100 per litre in Bengaluru as fuel price hike continues


Petrol price today has crossed the triple figure mark for the first time in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, as fuel price hike continues unabated across the country. On Friday, oil companies hiked petrol and diesel prices by 26 paise to 30 paise per litre after keeping the price stable for just one day.

Bengaluru has become the latest Indian city to hold the dubious record of petrol price crossing Rs-100 mark. Petrol price in Bengaluru today will cost 100.17 per litre. Within the first three weeks of the month, Bengaluru has seen petrol price go up by as much as 2 per litre. Since January this year, when the petrol price in Bengaluru was at 86.47 per litre, the city has seen the price of the fuel jump by almost 14 per litre in six months. Diesel price in Bengaluru today is at diesel 92.97 per litre.

Recently, Hyderabad in neighbouring Telangana had also breached the triple figure mark for petrol prices. Petrol price in Bhopal today has also reached 104.53 per litre, one of the highest among all the key metro cities across India. Bhopal is also the firsr state capital where petrol breached the Rs-100 mark for the first time.

Petrol price in Delhi will now cost 96.93 per litre, while diesel will cost 87.69 per litre. Petrol price in Mumbai today has gone up to 103.08 per litre. The city recently saw the petrol price breach Rs-100 mark. Diesel price today in Mumbai stands at 95.14 per litre.

In Rajasthan, Sri Ganganagar district remains the costliest place in India to buy fuel. Be it petrol or diesel, this place near the Pakistan border has seen both fuel price crossing the triple figure mark recently. A litre of petrol here now costs 108.07 and diesel costs 100.82 per lit.

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