Patent reveals new details of Suzuki’s electric scooter


Suzuki’s electric scooter development seems to be inching closer to reality, suggests new patent images. What’s interesting to note is the unique approach that Suzuki has decided to follow with its electric scooter.

While the exterior design seems to be quite similar to the conventional vehicles, what’s changed is the internal mechanical layout, which in itself is quite challenging to process.

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While what’s usually found in a conventional electric scooter is that the engine and swingarm are mounted as a combined unit, if not, the electric motor is mounted on the hub of the rear wheel. This approach frees up space which is then occupied by luggage, or larger capacity batteries when required.

However, the new design patented by Suzuki reimagines the internals with a chain drive to the rear wheel. It has its drivetrain placed in the under-seat section, while the rest of the scooter’s electronics come mounted over the motor, with the speed controller, battery, and transformer.

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It surely is a unique way to put it this way, the patent also describes the new layout to aid overall cooling by using air through inlet ducts, outlets and fans mounted within the body. On the other hand, how it actually functions is yet to be detailed, and placing the electric motor out in the open would have likely given similar results. More details on this approach are likely to follow in the future.

As far as launch plans go, no timeline has been confirmed as of yet. Meanwhile, Suzuki Motorcycle India is also working on an electric version of the Burgman Street scooter for the country. The same is expected to see the light of the day sometime in the future.

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