Is Switzerland banning electric vehicles? Here’s all you need to know


While some reports on the internet are suggesting that electric vehicles have been banned in Switzerland, the country hasn’t really banned the battery-powered vehicles. It has rather only drafted some emergency proposals to brace up for an energy crisis in winters.

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06 Dec 2022, 12:31 PM

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File photo used for representational purpose only

The country has come up with ‘Ordinance on Restrictions and Prohibitions on the Use of Electric Energy’. Currently, the ordinance is only a draft which the Swiss Federal Council is preparing to embrace for a possible energy shortage in the country. The draft outlines four stages of escalation if the county faces an energy crisis. Restrictions on e-mobility kicks in only at the third level of escalation.

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The country has permitted the use of electric cars only for absolutely necessary journeys like exercising one’s profession, shopping, visiting the doctor, attending religious events, attending court appointments, among others. It is likely that there will be a partial ban instead of an umbrella ban on EVs in Switzerland as the ordinance is aimed to regulate “restrictions and prohibitions on the use of electrical energy in order to secure the country’s electricity supply”.

As per a report by The Telegraph, the covid lockdown-style plan is aimed to deal with potential energy shortages. Sixty per cent of Switzerland’s energy supply depends on hydroelectric power, and thus, the proposed ban is one of the strict measures that are designed to avoid an energy crisis this winter ‘due to its reliance on imports to sustain the country through the colder months.

The draft mentions that the Swiss government may limit public buildings’ heating to no more than 20 degrees Celsius. The citizens could also be asked to limit their washing machines to a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius. And in case the situation worsens, public shops will also be asked to close two hours early.

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First Published Date: 06 Dec 2022, 12:28 PM IST

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