Free petrol on offer against Covid-19 jab in Jharkhand amid rising fuel prices


In an effort to attract more people to get Covid-19 vaccination, Jharkhand has offered a unique giveaway for people who take their jabs – free petrol. People who chose to get inoculated in Chakradharpur in West Singhbhum district were given a litre of petrol as freebie.

The unique Covid-19 vaccination camp was held in association of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) at Devi Fuels in Chakradharpur. State women and child development and social security minister Joba Majhi inaugurated the camp on Monday.

“We held this special vaccination drive at Devi Fuels in Chakradharpur in collaboration IOC. A total of 240 persons were given coupons for 1 litre petrol for free after they got themselves vaccinated against Covid-19 in the camp. The idea was to inspire people for inoculation against the pandemic,” Nitesh Kumar Bagaria, secretary of MYM-Chakradharpur, said.

Petrol and diesel prices have been steadily going up since May 4 when the oil companies started upwards revision of the fuel prices. In as many as 24 hikes, the petrol and diesel prices have gone up by more than 6 per litre so far. Several states, including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Ladakh, have seen petrol price go beyond 100 per litre.

In Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, the price of petrol today is at 92.63 per litre. In West Singhbhum district, the petrol price is at 93.34 per litre.

Since the start of the year, India has seen as many as 50 fuel price hikes in the first six months. Till March 24, when the oil companies stopped revising the price upwards just ahead of assembly elections in five states, petrol and diesel prices went up by 7.46 per litre and 7.60 a litre in 26 hikes.

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