Ford Mustang doing burnout ends up banging into a pole


Ford Mustang has a history of crashing more regularly during stunts than most other pony cars. And in yet another such incident, a Mustang pony ended up in a sorry state while performing a burnout in the US. The black Ford vehicle banged head-on into a pole.

In a footage of the incident, the Ford Mustang seems to be trying to perform a burnout while smoke from its exhaust fills up the scene. The driver seems to be quite confident of his/her skill to perform the stunt but the outcome is not what was expected out of it.

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Though the burnout is a fairly usual stunt to perform, the driver builds speed, and its tail gets quickly kicked out. The driver is unable to control this and thus the car flies off the road, slides through some grass, and bangs head-on into a power pole. The footage also shows the driver throwing up their hands in despair immediately after the crash.

Though it is unclear how much damage did the vehicle sustain, its front end is apparently crushed and its hood has also been badly bent. The Mustang will certainly need to be repaired which might make a huge bill but thankfully there were no injuries due to the incident.

Mustangs have been a part of stunt crashes often and in one of the viral videos posted online last year, a pony car skids off the slushy surface while trying to perform donuts. Apparently, the person behind the wheel did not take the usual precautions of locking the door or wear seat belts. As a result, the door of the Ford Mustang was thrown open and he fell. It all appeared as if the Ford Mustang just flung its driver off in disgust.

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