Five things to know about all-weather passage in Arunachal

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The Border Roads Organization (BRO) is construction a 500-metre tunnel near Nechiphu pass in Arunachal Pradesh with the aim of cutting down travel time for vehicles moving towards the forward base near China border. Primarily aimed at bringing down time taken by military vehicles by six kilometres and 20 minutes, it is likely to also be open for civic movement.

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As per a report in news agency News Today 24, the Nechiphu tunnel is being constructed at an altitude of 5,600 feet under Project Vartak of BRO. “A thousand vehicles are passing on a daily basis and by this, we will cut short carbon footprint and will improve the ecology of this area,” Anant Kumar Singh, Executive Engineer of Project Vartak, was quoted as saying. “It will work towards the sustainable development goal set by the Government of India.”

Here are five things to know about the Nechiphu tunnel:

*The D-shaped tunnel will allow passage of all types of vehicles, including artillery movement. It will also be a safer route because the area is otherwise prone to foggy conditions and is slide prone, according to Singh.

*The construction is being done through 3D monitoring which means that the precision needed for cutting through fragile Himalayan mountains can be a priority. There is proactive application of tunnel support system.

*The tunnel will boast of auto illumination and will get electro-mechanical system including firefighting devices. There will be raised footpaths on either side for pedestrian movement.

*There will be two lanes for vehicles, each measuring 3.5 metres in width.

*The foundation stone for the Nechiphu tunnel was laid by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in October of last year. This was part of several such projects which were inaugurated by the minister. “(I am) extremely happy to dedicate 44 major permanent bridges to the nation today. The foundation of Nechiphu Tunnel was also laid on this occasion in Arunachal Pradesh. These border infrastructure projects are of strategic importance and provide connectivity to remote areas,” he had tweeted then. (Read more here)

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