Ferrari partners Amazon for cloud services; to build fan engagement platform


Ferrari has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its official cloud service provider for its road cars department, GT Competitions, the Ferrari Challenge, and the Formula One (F1) team. Ferrari will leverage data technology from AWS to streamline design and testing of its cars.

Both the companies also plant to launch a digital fan engagement platform for Ferrari enthusiast, offering exclusive and personalized content via a mobile app. With this, Ferrari aims to strengthen its relationship with millions of fans around the world, involving them in the daily life of the F1 team and its drivers.

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The performance car manufacturer will use AWS’ advanced analytics, machine learning, compute, storage, and database capabilities to achieve insights into car design and performance on the road and track. Using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Ferrari will be able to run complex simulations that test car performance under a wide variety of driving conditions and racing scenarios.

Further, the carmaker will be able to run thousands of simulations concurrently to gain insights far faster than ever before by running simulations in an on-premises environment. As a result, the company’s engineers will be able to pursue an agile approach to experimentation with new designs and strategies to accelerate their pace of innovation. “AWS will be able to transform our company into an organisation driven by data analysis,” says Mattia Binotto, Managing Director and Team Principal at Ferrari’s racing division.

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Ferrari will also be able to apply AWS analytics and Amazon SageMaker while assembling its new road vehicle prototypes to gain deeper insights into how its parts and cars perform under real world conditions. The carmaker will also leverage AWS to make it easier for current and prospective customers to build, purchase, and maintain their cars. Scale improved digital experiences such as the Ferrari Car Configurator will also benefit from data computing technologies.

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