Elon Musk jokes about buying Manchester United. Not every Tesla fan is laughing


Elon Musk is widely admired for taking Tesla to the top of the EV world. But his Twitter messages have often also landed him in trouble.

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17 Aug 2022, 10:57 AM

File photo of Tesla CEO Elon Muskk. (AFP)
File photo of Tesla CEO Elon Muskk. (AFP)

After planning to buy Twitter, Elon Musk set his sights on Manchester United football club. The Tesla CEO and world’s wealthiest person at present, took to his Twitter account once again to make his intentions public although he did not divulge any details and eventually said he was ‘joking.’

Known for his frequent tweets on a wide variety of topics – most on a light-hearted note, Musk once again logged on the micro-blogging platform to make his most-recent announcement. “I’m buying Manchester United.” The four words, on expected lines, received much attention from netizens as well as football fans across the world. But while he had done the same when he had wanted to buy Twitter, Musk is now attempting to exit the $44 billion agreement for the social media company and has been taken to court for it.

As for Manchester United, Musk would eventually tweet that he wasn’t actually serious. “This is a long-running joke on Twitter. I am not buying any sports team,” he wrote. “Although, if it were any team, it would be Man I. They were my fav team as a kid.” Once again, the reactions were sharp and swift. “That’s a very sensitive thing to joke about Elon. You should apologise,” wrote one user. “Don’t joke around, thus very sensitive some of us take soccer as our daily bread, l breath soccer, eat soccer. everything is Manchester United am going through depression because of soccer and you come around joking because you have got money. rehearse your jokes,” wrote another.

Even Tesla fans didn’t appear to be too amused. After all, many believe that Musk ought to be more serious about Tesla rather than going out and about announcing purchase bids. Tesla investors too have been on the edge because any big-ticket purchase made by Musk is likely to come at the cost of Tesla. He sold approximately $8.5 billion worth of Tesla shares in April alone.

Musk has a rather eccentric personality and an unconventional style of doing business. But his sudden announcements don’t often go down well with investors in well-established companies he is in charge of, primarily Tesla.

First Published Date: 17 Aug 2022, 10:57 AM IST

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